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Welcome to Barry's in Witsand...

Witsand is truly the home of the Southern Right Whale in Southern Africa. This peaceful coastal town is surrounded by two natural phenomena, the Breede River estuary and the Indian Ocean. The St Sebastian Bay houses the single largest winter migration population of Southern Right Whales. We offer fantastic land based whale watching to tourists that do not want to see boats amongst the whales.

We would love to introduce you to WITSAND / PORT BEAUFORT, our beautiful unspoilt village that so few people know about. Consider visiting us for a much needed break from the office, a longer stay to relax and unwind, or part of a conference or team building group keen to experience our fantastic outdoor activities in the area.

Why stay with Barry's in Witsand

  • Quality and personal service
  • Full time tourism business, with affordable rates
  • 32 years experience in the tourism industry
  • 70+ beds with linen and bath towels
  • We give you extra value for your money
  • Self-catering or B&B option.
  • A wealth of information about the area
  • A large variety of accommodation to choose from
  • We love what we do, and would like to interact with YOU!

Sound good so far? Browse our website and we are sure you will be amazed at what our village has to offer you and your family, or corporate group.

Do yourself a favour, and make the decision to come to Witsand, soon - it's worth it.

Witsand - THE Whale Nursery of SA

Land-based whale watching from July to November. See up to 70 whales in the Bay at one time. Whale statistics have earned Witsand the title of "THE Whale Nursery of South Africa".

Counts over the years are as follows:

  • 1998 - Total 47, 18 calves;
  • 1999 - Total 100, 47 calves;
  • 2000 - Total 78, 33 calves;
  • 2001 - Total 117, 37 calves;
  • 2002 - Total 117, 49 calves;
  • 2003 - Total 130, 51 calves;
  • 2004 - Total 121, 43 calves;
  • 2005 - Total 131, 56 calves;
  • 2006 - Total 141, 69 calves;
  • 2007 - Total 98, 41 calves;
  • 2008 - Total 162, 62 calves;
  • 2009 - Total 75, 35 calves;
  • 2010 - Total 85, 40 calves;
  • 2011 - Total 124, 49 calves;
  • 2013 - 82 calves
  • 2014 - 62 calves

''THE WHALE INDUNA'' video was filmed in Witsand. With stunning footage of the whales, this makes a wonderful souvenir. Barry's are the distributors of the video and will gladly post you a copy once payment has been received.
(Phone (028) 537 1717).

Sustainable Tourism

"Sustainable and responsible tourism"

"We care about our environment at Barrys holiday accommodation and you will find us on the beach clearing up Debris ....we also support the efforts of "Coastal cleanup Conservation"...look them up on face book to see the excellent work they do in raising awareness of the vast amount of plastic in our oceans and beaches."

Sustainable Tourism